Its Pajama Day all over the world

baby elephants enjoy a pajama day

This week it seems that everyone is enjoying their own kind of pajama day. In Ireland, they held their National Pajama Day when children are encouraged to wear their pajamas to school. This annual event, which has been running now for twelve years, raises funds for the charity Irish Autism Action. Last year about $300,000 was raised for the charity and in 2016 they hope to do better. The patron of the charity is singer Keith Duffy, from the 1990s boy group “Boyzone”, who became involved when his daughter was diagnosed with autism as a toddler. In the USA we don’t really have a similar Pajama Day but the nearest thing is probably National Wear your Pajamas to Work Day. This day was created a few years ago as a fun holiday more than a charity fund raiser.  The idea is that each year on April 16th, the day after taxes are due in the United States, we would all relax a little and make life easier by wearing our sleepwear and not worrying about the office dress code.

Meanwhile, from Australia, we saw a story that made us check the calendar to see if it is April Fool’s Day yet: McDonalds have introduced a sleepwear range. Not content with selling us hamburgers on every street corner, the fast food chain is selling pajamas to celebrate their newly introduced all-day breakfast. The collection, created in collaboration with Australian designer Emma Mulholland, includes t-shirts and lounge pants. But don’t worry, this is not the start of world onesie pajama dominance, numbers are limited to just 300 pieces and will only feature on a dedicated Australian eBay store.  All proceeds will be used to fund the Ronald McDonald House Charities.

The stories get even stranger, who else enjoys a pajama day? We noticed a story about an elephant sanctuary in India that has improvised pajamas for two baby elephants to help them sleep better. The elephants each became separated from their mothers and the protection of their herd and struggled to get to sleep in the animal welfare sanctuary during the cold winter nights. Dr Basumatary, a vet at the Iinternation Fund for Animal Welfare rescue centre, asked keepers to wrap the little elephants in cosy blankets, scarves, with socks and slipper boots to make sort of jumbo onesie pajamas. The vet explained “it is important to control their body temperature….I noticed in the mornings they could be cold from staying in the concrete nursery.” It is hoped the babies will soon be able to pack their trunk and be released back in to the wild. If you are looking forward to special pajama day, why not try our Wizard design, now in Jumbo sizes.