Onesies and Pajamas are going up in the world

Onesies and Pajamas going up in the world

After the publicity surrounding Tom Brady we have noticed other stories which show adult onesies and pajamas are getting more and more sophisticated. From high mountains and the world of winter sports we learn that the retro ski onesie is becoming more popular. But are they practical for skiing? We would have to agree with one of their conclusions, “Onesies are fun, just like classic cars. But anyone with a classic car knows that aesthetic rarely equals practicality.” Perhaps we should develop our own funski range of water-proof adult onesies.

Then from even higher up we note that special moisturizing pajamas have been developed for those flying long haul. Emirates airline, which is based in Dubai, has developed nutrient-rich sea kelp pajamas. Do we hear you ask why? Well, flying tends to de-hydrate you because of the air quality in the cabin. Tough if you are in economy, you just get off looking like a wrinkled prune but in first class you get special hi-tech pajamas which are made from a unique ‘self-moisturizing’ material containing billions of tiny capsules which gently release a nutrient-rich sea kelp extract to keep your skin from drying out. This so-called ‘Hydra Active Microcapsule Technology’ is good for around 10 washes, says the airline, so first class flyers can continue to enjoy being pampered while back at home. Mind you, if you can afford the sort of money needed for First Class you will probably just chuck them or leave them on the plane. There is probably a great secondary market in all the free stuff passengers have left on their flights. For example, first class passengers are also treated to their own Bulgari amenity kits, made with genuine leather.

But to top it all do you think they use onesies and pajamas in space? Oh yes – as reported by Huff Post and others, Boeing has developed a new one piece suit for astronauts. “The tailor-made clothing, which resembles a high-tech onesie, lets water vapor pass out, but keeps air inside, keeping the astronauts cool and safe.” So NASA agree with us that onesies are cool and safe. Where will this development of pajamas and onesies end – in the twenty first century if you can dream it you can do it.