One piece Pajamas Rock Your Dorm!

Retro Funzee - Adult Onesie

You love one piece pajamas. We love adult onesies. Hey, that’s why we’re selling them, right?

One of our major target demographics has always been college campuses. This is because college students are looking for fun, flexibility and something a little snuggly that reminds them of home. Spending the first month in that dorm room, getting to know new people and developing study and life habits for success can be a little difficult and intense for anyone who isn’t used to the process.

Your Funzee Gets You Noticed!

Students who love our products report that donning a Funzee onesie during that weekly or monthly floor meeting has literally made them some fun new friends. In addition to the cozy factor, showing up in a cute pair of pajamas is a great conversation starter. Some of our Funzee ambassador girls report that they’ve even  bought our onesie pajamas as birthday or holiday gifts for curious floormates at their dormitories.

Our Funzee One Piece Pajamas are Made for the Max Cozy Factor.

Whether you’re nursing the sniffles and missing home or just looking to have some  fun while you sleep, study, rest or lounge, Funzees are made purely for your comfort  and enjoyment. Our materials are lightweight, breezy and durable enough to keep  you warm in the winter and still give you room to breathe and move around in the  summertime.

 If you have a maximum cozy Funzee story to share with us, we’d love to hear it! Feel  free to contact us and let us know via our Facebook page. Last but not least, check out our Funzee Drop Seat Onesie Pajamas this week and stay Strong in the Snuggle!