Its OK to celebrate with adult onesies

celebrate with adult onesies

July fourth saw many celebrities posting pics of themselves in assorted patriotic apparel (though some seemed to think it was OK to be naked apart from a stars and stripes flag) and some decided to celebrate with adult onesies. Our favorite, shown here, is of actress Kirsten Bell with husband Dax Shepard in matching US flag adult onesies enjoying Independence Day outside in the sun. Bell voiced the main character and performed some of the songs in the smash Disney animation Frozen. Maybe you are thinking it’s a little warm to celebrate with adult onesies during the peak of summer. You can still be patriotic in just a swimsuit as company Beloved have produced a Donald Trump one-piece for women. The swimwear has a blown up image of our president on the clothing and one reviewer notes “I especially love the quadruple chin just over my lady bits and his beautiful beady eyes are lined up perfectly on my upper lady bits! Thank you so much for this. This is perfect. God Bless America.” And for the man in your life the company also produces Trump T-shirts and Trump shorts. Not your politics? Don’t worry cos they also offer apparel which features Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Vladimir Putin, and even North Korea’s Kim Jong-un. It’s not just for national holidays when you can celebrate with adult onesies. Remember girl group TLC who were big in the 1990s? Wiki says that having sold over 65 million records worldwide, TLC is the best-selling American girl group and second worldwide only to the English group Spice Girls. They are now producing new music again and thanks in part to a Kickstarter campaign have released a new album. Bette Midler, New Kids On The Block, and Katy Perry are known to have contributed so TLC have decided they will celebrate with adult onesies. Singer Rozonda ‘Chilli’ Thomas said they would have a slumber party with Katy Perry to say thank you, “All of us have to be wearing onesies, and we want to watch scary movies” Bet you are Well Jel.