Not just for Christmas, Onesies for Adults are Fun

season for buying pajamas including Onesies for Dogs

Ever thought about what fun or unusual things you can do in your pajamas or adult onesie? We always say our onesies for adults are fun, versatile and practical, but even we have been surprised looking back over the year at some of the things you can do in an adult onesie.

Grab people on the Street: You may have seen Will Ferrell and Youtuber Billy Eichner (from Billy on the Street) demonstrating that onesies for adults are fun by taking to the streets of New York. Dressed in festive footed pajamas they shout at passersby while asking them a series of Christmas themed questions with a prize of a dollar.

Party: This week we read Ariana Grande and Victoria Justice have reunited with the Victorious cast for a Onesie Party. You may remember Victorious ran on Nickelodean from 2010 to 2013, featuring Justice as Tori Vegas, a teenager who’s life we follow at the Hollywood Arts High School. Grande played her friend Cat Valentine.

Go to a film premiere: Yes you remember Woody Harrelson sparked much social media comment earlier when he wore his pajamas to the Paris movie premiere of Hunger Games.

Play Guitar: a young guitar player made headlines by playing a tribute to BB King whilst wearing a tiger striped onesie. So far the 10 year old has gained over 5.3 million views on You Tube.

Fart: UK company Shreddies managed to generate a good deal of press comment by introducing pajamas which neutralise your farts. The company says these pajamas eliminate bedtime odors, allowing you to drift off without worry. It goes on to claim their pajamas are the perfect solution to situations like staying with friends, a work-trip or a new relationship. It seems a carbon lining within the pajamas can filter all of your smells.

Raise Venture Capital: And if you thought that was hard to believe, take a look at this pitch on You Tube.  According to the budding entrepreneurs, onesies for adults are fun and have become hot fashion in Silicon Valley and the venture capital is pouring in. Ubsie, the so called Uber for onesies, recently raised $500 million. We know onesies for adults are fun and popular but maybe this is stretching a point.

Ski: check out this video of a ski club enjoying our Wizard funzees in a winter wonderland. Just shows onesies for adults are fun and versatile in any weather.

And remember rule 1 of blogging – always use a picture of a cat in a Cookie Monster onesie. Next week we will either report on Christmas or Star Wars depending on which one is bigger.