Mother’s Day is a worldwide celebration

Matching Summer Pajamas for Mother's Day

Last Sunday was Mother’s Day here in the USA but elsewhere in the World mothers are celebrated on different days in the year. In the UK Mothering Sunday is usually celebrated in March and has religious origins being the fourth Sunday in Lent. Many Muslim countries tend to remember mothers on the Spring Equinox of March 21st, while ex-communist countries are in the habit of combining the celebration with International Women’s Day on March 8th. Anyway, we can all agree that Mother’s Day is associated with Spring, the return of warmth and light, re-birth and nurture. In the US, this day has been recognized since the last part of the nineteenth century but there is an interesting story about one of the founders who ended up organizing boycotts for this celebration as it became too commercial. Anna Jarvis celebrated this day to honor her mother in the early 1900s but by the 1920s, Anna Jarvis was frustrated by the money being made off the back of the vacation by florists and candy stores so she spent the rest of her life fighting against commercialization, even getting arrested in 1925 for disturbing the peace at a convention in Philadelphia.

May is also National Pet Month; pets get a month of awareness time and Mother’s and Father’s just get a day, does that sound right? Anyway, Amazon as always has recommendations for gifts on Mother’s Day. Start saving now because they tell us that Mother’s Day 2018 is Sunday, May 13. Nice cozy onesie pajamas are always appreciated as a gift. Maybe your Mom would like a unicorn onesie to make her feel magical and loved. Here is an interesting view that the best pajamas are other peoples’ pajamas. If you are looking for matching summer pajamas you have to love our pic of Australian actress Margot Robbie who was brought up on their Gold Coast. It shows the twenty six year old star of Wolf of Wall Street relaxing with new husband and friends in matching pajamas in the sun down under.