More Interest Reported in Pajama Style

Retro Pajama Style

An interesting week for pajama related news. Following on from our blog about how pajama style was featured at New York Fashion Week, we saw website Bustle offer us ways to make outfits more comfortable. They quote New York stylist and image expert Alexandra Greenawalt that one of the things she hears over and over again from her clients is, “I want to be comfortable.” And Charles Manning, Style Editor for Cosmopolitan, said “If you can’t pull it on and off in under three seconds, you’re not going to want to wear it.”

And then Vogue contributed to pajama style with an article entitled – Pajama Dressing: Looking Insanely Chic Has Never Been So Comfortable. They propose some real-life options from new designers gaining a reputation this year, and a new slogan, “Live your dreams, wear pajamas.”

Philadelphia was in the news thanks to a papal visit. Pope Francis is the fourth pope to visit the United States but it wasn’t until October 1965 that Paul VI became the first pope to visit us. Seems strange that it took so long given the number of Irish, Italian and other Catholic immigrants to the USA. But maybe previous popes didn’t travel much outside Italy. Pope Francis trip included a first time papal visit to the United Nations. He seems to be a more modern pontiff than his predecessors and this was reflected in the merchandise being sold in the street to his thousands of followers. The International Business Times reported that Pope Francis merchandise came in both official and unofficial flavors. Practically every aspect of life was covered by the World Meeting of Families, the organizers of the papal visit to Philadelphia. As well as an “I Heart Pope Francis” T-shirt that would set you back $20, there was a Francis bobblehead cost $25, a 10-inch plush doll $20, official “beer of the pope”, baby onesies featuring the pope, pope cookies, “pope on a rope”, and of course pope-corn.

And also from Philadelphia, British newspaper the Daily Mail amused us with some old promo. videos showing Retro pajama style with the tag line Philly is more fun in your pajamas. Anyone got any suggestions for other places that are more fun in pajamas? And don’t just say bed.