Men’s Sleepwear

Retro Pajama Style

Sleepwear and lingerie are often lumped together (think Victoria’s Secrets) so we tend to think of this as a female category. Well this week we have noticed people talking about men’s sleepwear. The Wall Street Journal asked “Do Men Really Wear Pajamas to Bed?” It seems some regular pajama wearers view donning them as a marker signifying that the workday is done and it’s time to relax. “[Pajamas] heighten that demarcation between work and personal time. I think that’s a good way of easing into that transition,” said Bruce Pask, men’s fashion director at New York department store Bergdorf Goodman. Now just imagine how much more marked that line would be if you put on an adult onesie – that would say I have had enough of being an adult for the day, now I want to be looked after.

And website ThyBlackMan, a blog created to “unite black men and remind them of their brotherhood and value as men in this society”, brings us “Just for the Guys: A Mini-Guide to Men’s Sleepwear”. As well as traditional men’s sleepwear: robes, nights shirts and two-piece pajamas, they comment on the adult onesie “a number of adults show no shame in wearing one-piece pajamas around the home and to bed.  Perhaps the level of warmth and comfort has something to do with its popularity.” And that’s the point, although they may have started out as a bit of a joke, the adult onesie is actually a fun, practical and comfy alternative.

Enough on men’s sleepwear, for the Ladies view, website Bustle recently brought us “7 Pajamas You Can Wear In Real Life Because Who Doesn’t Want To Spend Their Day In Comfy Clothes”. As they say, you may not be able to wear your old terry cloth robe and fluffy slippers for all occassions, but with their suggestions that you can wear in real life, you’ll feel cozy and comfy all day long. Same with our adult onesies, you could wear our cotton leopard spot onesie all day. As with everything, there’s a boundary, and nobody wants to look like a slob. Use your judgment, and happy pajama-ing or onesie-ing!