How many of us love pajamas?

Glamor models love Pajamas

For some time we have noted the growing popularity of pajamas and this week it seems people from all over love pajamas. Our image shows glamor model Gabi Grecko preparing for a photo shoot with a pajama party theme. She was in Malibu but will soon return to her hometown of New York to prepare for the release of her debut adult film.

And you may have caught this interview on Today with Rumer Willis. The oldest daughter of Bruce of course, and Demi Moore she has had a busy year starring on stage in the musical Chicago and appearing on Dancing with the Stars. “I love pajamas and have about 20 animal onesies” she said. That’s our kind of customer. And we can exclusively announce that Rumer will be co-starring with her Dad in a new film “Don’t Die Hard just Wear Pajamas”.

You may have noticed that the Primaries are in full swing and Ted Cruz has wheeled out his favorite pajama joke. “Superman wears Chuck Norris pajamas, and Chuck Norris wears Scott Walker pajamas,” said Cruz. For our younger readers, Chuck Norris is a martial arts legend, 6 times world Karate champion, and action hero on the big screen. He even appeared in Expendables 2 and due to his hard man image is often used in jokes such as ‘Chuck Norris was once bitten by a cobra. After five days of agonizing pain, the cobra finally died.’

And we enjoyed this article from ChicagoNow which highlights a social media buzz around a 90 year old wearing a bikini: We’ve all heard those ‘rules’ about what age you should stop wearing a bikini. But surely if we can now wear onesie pajamas in our 20s and 30s (and 40s and 50s), why not a bikini at 90?

We know who else loves pajamas. The Rolling Stones opened their huge Exhibitionism retrospective at London’s Saatchi Gallery – but it’s the designer ‘bargains’ in their gift shop that’s got social media talking. The Rolling Stones merchandise includes a pair of silk pajamas costing over $400 – rock and roll. But if you love pajamas don’t be tempted to takes someone elses. Fox News reported the case of a thief who picked up a package delivered to a porch in Wyandotte. He was found using the power of social media but the fate of the pajamas is unclear.