We love pajamas because they are so versatile

Love Pajamas but may be not if they say Cheat Day

The pajamas in public debate rumbles on and one of the reasons we love pajamas is because they are so versatile. We enjoyed this article from Bustle which took a nostalgic look at the things we took to sleepovers and how seriously we took ourselves then. You may remember the teen film Sleepover back in 2004 which also dealt with young nerdy girls trying to improve their social image.

You can’t have missed the fact that because we love pajamas we now have pajama inspired fashion where it’s hard to tell what time of the day the look is meant for. An interesting review of this trend from Boston University suggests we are going to see more of this. They reckon, “save your mother’s clothing from way back when because most of it will come back in style. Pajama’s in public are only the beginning”.

With wearing pajamas becoming more acceptable it makes getting up in the mornings easier. A recent survey reported in Yahoo Finance found that to save time in the morning, moms worry less about what to wear and the style of their hair and more about what to feed their families.  In the survey of 1,000 U.S. moms, 58 percent said they rush through their morning hair or makeup routines, including nearly 40 percent who admit to wearing pajamas to drive their kids to school and 17 percent who apply makeup in the car.

And Yahoo were also quick to pick up this story from the UK about High Street retailer “New Look”. They have got into trouble by creating “Cheat Day” pajamas and a pair was found hanging in the section of their store that targets young girls. The grey two piece set carries the slogan ‘cheat day’ alongside a picture of a slice of pizza implying perhaps that pizza should not be part of a daily diet. Twitter users were shocked when the photo was posted with comments such as “This is NOT ok. Great work, body shaming in children.” And “Can we all tell @NewLookFashion that 9 year olds shouldn’t even know what a ‘cheat day’ is? So wrong”. The story was quickly shared more than 7000 times including by JK Rowling, who has more than 7.8 million followers (wish we could JK to re-tweet something about Funzee). The company were quick to explain, “It appears that they were mistakenly displayed in the wrong area in this instance and this has now been rectified….This item is an adult pajama set and is intended as a tongue in cheek novelty item, reflecting current lifestyle trends. New Look has always taken its responsibility in promoting body confidence very seriously, particularly when it comes to our younger customers.” You gotta love pajamas that can cause this kind of controversy