Looks like its going to be a Pajama Christmas

A Japan School Uniform Pajama Christmas

Its going to be a pajama Christmas with the big news last week that Selena Gomez want out shopping in her pajamas. Pictures of her emerged on social media walking through a Santa Monica mall dressed a pair of purple silk pajamas. The first time that Gomez has been spotted by celebrity watchers since her American Music Awards appearance.  She received an award for Favorite Female Artist-Pop/Rock and made an emotional speech about her struggle with the effect of her Lupus diagnosis. We wish her well but what really caught our eye was her fame as the Instagram queen. Selena now has over 103 million followers on Instagram, while Taylor Swift only has 94 million. Gomez posted eight of the top 10 posts on Instagram this year with the most popular being a Coca-Cola advert that has amassed almost 6 million “likes.” No wonder traditional journalism is dead when celebrities have the power to broadcast to populations the size of entire nations.

Earlier this month there was more fun on social media as Amy Schumer and her sister and fellow comedian, Kim Caramele, took to Instagram to parody the star studded Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Instead of sexy lingerie they displayed an adult onesie and plaid pajamas. Further afield, you should always keep an eye on Japan for crazy clothing trends. We noticed that Japanese retailer Bibi Lab has introduced a kind of school uniform/slanket cross.  Our image shows the Sera Kore Wearable Blanket Type Sailor Uniform Pajamas. For about 85 bucks on Amazon Japan you can pick up this entire robe like school uniform with a long, flared skirt.  Not tempted, well it’s made entirely of fleece so will at least keep you warm. And if you are hoping for white pajama Christmas spare a thought for our cousins in he Southern Hemisphere. In Australia there is a heat wave with daytime temperatures in the eighties and the Bureau of Meteorology for Melbourne saying, “You’re certainly not going to need your long pajamas … we’re looking at overnight minimums in the mid to high sixties and in the city itself a low overnight of 70 degrees.” No pajama Christmas down there then.