Looking Forward to a nice relaxing Pajama Day?

Baby bunny enjoys a Pajama day

An interesting poll from the UK weather bureau we saw this week.  2,003 people were surveyed about their views on the weather with 54% admitting they find themselves occasionally wanting bad weather as an excuse to relax. Sometimes it seems we just want to watch Breakfast at Tiffanys and have a pajama day. More than half of people surveyed have secretly wished for a washout weekend so they can watch box sets and stay in their pajamas. It also found that 42% of responders had used bad weather as an excuse not to attend an event, with more than a quarter having missed a meet up with friends and 11% said they had avoided seeing their partner’s family. It is known that the Brits love talking about the weather – why? – because they get so much of it. Someone we think might be looking forward to a pajama day is Eva Longoria. Eva has been named one of Hollywood’s most beautiful women by several publications over the years and she has many celebrity friends who turned out for her big day. The star, best known for her role as Gabrielle Solis on the ABC television series Desperate Housewives,  got married in a quiet, discrete Mexican wedding last Saturday which just happened to be spotted by a passing film crew from Hola magazine. The list of celebrities attending the wedding included Ricky Martin, Mario Lopez, Melanie Griffith and the Beckhams. But by Monday it was time for Eva and her new husband to enjoy some rest and relaxation. As they headed off on honeymoon to an undisclosed location (probably Costa Rica) Eva shared an Instagram photo of the couple cozying up on their flight in matching pajamas and slippers.

And we enjoyed this article from NY Mag about attending a supermodel pajama party in Australia. It starts by reminding us “There are certain things in life that it’s best to say yes to immediately. For example, ordering fries for the table.” So any suggestions about what else you should always say yes too? The chance for a lazy pajama day obviously. Just like this picture we found of a baby rabbit kicking back and enjoying some down time.