Look Out For Zooland Adult Onesies Design

Baby Onesie with Tail as a new Adult Onesies Design Idea?

For summer 2016 we are happy to bring you our new adult onesies design which we have called Zooland. In a tribute to the cult movie Zoolander we decided to create penguin print adult onesies design on a sky blue colored background. This design is made from 100% cotton and is both unhooded and unfooted. Those of you who know the movie will recognise it as similar to one that Ben Stiller wears. He plays an ageing male model in the fashion business. There was a sequel released earlier this year which starred Penelope Cruz. And in a first for Funzee, we are manufacturing the new adult onesies design in Europe. Over the years we have produced products in Turkey, India, Sri Lanka, Peru and China but this time we were approached by a small supplier in the North of Portugal and we thought we would give them a try. Cotton is our favoured fabric because it is a natural, breathable fiber which is cooler for the summer.  Zooland funzee will be arriving in the USA this week and if you decide to try out our new adult onesies design please let us have your feedback.

Of course we are always on the look out for new ideas. Sometimes we rely on your feedback for new design ideas and sometimes we borrow ideas from kids onesies. We enjoyed this report from Ohio. Akron based Goodyear Tires is giving packages to parents of newborns in Akron-area hospitals through June 19. NBA finalists LeBron James and Stephen Curry were both born at Akron City Hospital. The stars are going against each other as James’ Cleveland Cavaliers play Curry’s Golden State Warriors so lucky local parents will receive a set of four tires, an ”Akron Born” onesie and a car seat. Should we take that idea for our adult onesies? And this week’s image above is of a product which has been developed by Japanese company EkoDworks. Their baby onesies are plain from the front but have realistic animal tails or angels wings printed on the back, along with a printed butt crack. Not sure about this kind of printing for baby clothes but how about an adult onesies design which makes you look like you have a real tail, or real wings…. or a real butt crack. Would you wear one? We have also thought about making dog onesies (yes there is a market for that) and someone came up with the idea of the twosie which is a onesie that two people can fit in – how romantic. You must have some better ideas so please let us know.