Improve Your Memory With Naps

We all know how important a good night’s sleep is to our well-being and quality of life but you might be surprised to learn the benefits of napping! Scientists at Saarland University have found that naps of less than an hour had the potential to boost someone’s memory and recall. The study is a great example of the benefit that napping in short increments has on daily tasks, especially on students and those who have to recall information over a short period of time. A forty-five to sixty minute nap has the potential to boost memory recall up to five times and scientists recommend short naps in school or at work for optimal performance.

If you’re getting enough sleep during the night and taking naps throughout the day but still feel lethargic or under the weather, you might want to go see a sleep specialist. A sleep specialist can determine if you’re getting the normal amount of REM sleep and, if not, can help you increase your sleep in the most efficient way. You might also consider changing what you wear at night when you sleep! If you’re wearing constricting, uncomfortable clothing you might be overheating during the night and causing yourself to wake up. Constricting clothing can get tangled up around you and cause panic in the middle of the night. Funzee has a great variety of adult onesie pajamas, perfect for you to wear during sleep! Our Funzee’s are made out of soft polar fleece or 100% cotton – which means you’ll stay at the perfect temperature throughout the night and will sleep restfully.

festivalAdult onesies are great for sleeping because they come in a variety of fabrics and options. If your feet tend to get cold during the night but you kick off your socks, try a footed Funzee like our Festival Style Funzee! With bright and bold rainbow stripes, our Festival Funzee comes in unisex sizing and features a design that you can customize: footed or unfooted and with or without a hood! If you decide you don’t need the footed Funzee but want a pair of cozy socks instead, try a pair of our matching antibacterial socks! With our great selection of products, Funzee has everything you need for a good night’s sleep! Our adult onesies can even double as great daytime outfits so you can just roll out of bed and get on with your day!

Funzee will make sure that your satisfaction is guaranteed and with our great customer service, you’re sure to love your Funzee and all the accessories that we have available! Place your order today and start getting a great night’s sleep!