What You Should Be For Halloween… Next Year

Adult Onesies for Halloween

Halloween is here! It’s one of our favorite times of year… and not just because it is the one night a year where it is totally acceptable to gorge ourselves on candy. For us, Halloween is really about the costumes. As a matter of fact, we believe in attending as many parties as possible just so we have the opportunity to wear all of our favorite Funzees as possible.

This year it’s all about the Funzoos. We have five new Funzoos in stock and each and every one of them is a complete Halloween costume all by itself – just throw on a little color-coordinated face paint and you’re done!

Which Funzoo is the right adult onesie for you?

The Cow

This Funzee onesie is perfect for a work party or a night out on the town. Warm, soft and machine washable, it is white with black spots and the most adorable cow face. It’s designed to be droopy for ease of moo-vement… so why don’t you own one already? Check it out here!

The Owl

Feeling a little hooty this Halloween? Our Owl adult onesie would be a wise decision for you. (See what we did there?) This adorable owl is gray features a white tummy with feather details and has long, baggy body to fit people of all shapes and sizes. Get yours here!

The Giraffe

This adult onesie is the easiest Giraffe costume you will ever own. From pointy horns to yellow spotted tail, all you need to do is throw it on to have the tallest fun around. Did we mention that you are going to be warm and incredibly easy to see in this comfortable bright yellow and orange costume? Take a look!

The Chipmunk

Do you love cute little rodents? Have you wanted to be Alvin, Simon or Theodore… or maybe the Rescue Rangers… since you were a little kid? This is absolutely the adorable adult onesie costume for you. From cute little nose to tail to toes, you will be bundled up in style. Go check it out!

And last but not least, our personal favorite (if we played favorites, which we don’t)…

The Dinosaur!

Who doesn’t want to be a dinosaur? No, seriously… dinosaurs are awesome, and you’re going to look fantastic in this green dinosaur adult onesie. From dino hood to padded scaly tail, this onesie is perfect for every occasion… not just Halloween. You know you want it! Just click here already.

Unfortunately it’s a little late to order from us for this Halloween, but it is never too early to start planning the perfect costume for next year. And with the holidays coming, I’m sure you can find other places to wear an awesome animal costume… office holiday party, anyone?