Game of Thrones: Get Your Funzee Now!


Game of Thrones fans, listen up! It was recently announced that HBO would air a behind-the-scenes special that will offer a peek of Season 5!  Fans speculate that Season 5 will arrive sometime in April and probably on April 5th or 12th, since the show airs on Sundays.  So, what’s a Game of Thrones fan to do to prepare for the upcoming season of the highly ranked show?  Host a Season Premiere Party, of course.

Hosting a Game of Thrones party is easier than you might imagine.  First, start with invitations!  Simply create an event on Facebook and invite your friends to your party using HBO’s ‘Invitation to Westeros’ video, available on!  Next, make sure that you have plenty of great recipes handy.  No Game of Thrones celebration would be complete with the addition of Mead and Wine!  You can find homemade Mead recipes online or to make it simpler, just buy your favorite beer and throw it into chilled glasses to pretend it’s Mead.  Want to get really authentic?  You can even search for recipes that were used in the show, including lemon cakes, soups, and acorn cakes!

Next, you might be wondering what to wear.  While it might be fun to ask your guests to dress up like their favorite characters, it can be expensive not to mention uncomfortable.  Instead, share the Winter is Coming Funzee with your guests!  Made of comfortable, durable, and warm polar fleece, this adult onesie comes in black with the House Stark motto ‘Winter is Coming’ embroidered on the front breast pocket.  With adult unisex sizing and non-footed pajamas, this onesie will fit both men and women!  To keep your feet warm, how about adding a pair of our non-slip socks!  Only $2.95 with each Funzee order, these socks provide comfort, warmth, and safety to each pair of onesies you have.  They make great house socks and are easily washed when dirty and provide you with durable, comfortable, and non-slip soles.  They come in a number of colorful designs including:  Purple, Maroon and Black Striped, and Reggae; just to name a few!

So, don’t forget about Funzee Adult Onesies when planning your Game of Thrones Season 5 premiere party!!  With great customer service, durable products, and a money-back guarantee; they Funzee’s are the best choice on your search for comfortable adult onesies and all the accessories that you need!