Funzees: Not Just for People!

The latest in the onesie fashion craze?  Onesies for dogs!  That’s right – you’ve heard it here first:  there are onesies for your canine companions. Scottish business owner and seamstress Aileen Perry can expect about thirty orders a day for her dog onesie, and she’s only been in business for a year!  In fact, business is booming so much that she recently had to add an assistant to help make the onesies and process the orders.

It all began in 2013 when Perry designed a onesie for her dog, Toto.  Worried that Toto would get wet or muddy during their walks, Aileen set out to design a garment to combat the issues, and the dog onesies (called K9 Coats) were born!  Based in the United Kingdom, orders from the United States and Australia have bombarded Perry in recent months.  Recently, Perry received an order from paint company Dulux, to outfit their brand mascot, an Old English Sheepdog named Aslan.

Sold for fifty pounds a piece, Aileen has applied for a patent on the design of the onesie, which includes a hood and elastic cuffs that allow for full movement when worn.  So far, Aslan has donned his custom-made onesie to several photo shoots to ensure that he will not become dirty when he goes out for a break in between photos.  Aslan’s owner, Fiona Mullen, swears by the onesie, saying that for a big, furry dog like Aslan the K9 Coat has become a Godsend!  With the pet clothing market a $58 billion dollar enterprise, it’s no wonder that Ms. Perry is excited about her venture and success so far!

If you think that your dog will be content and cozy in a onesie, why not try out your own?!  Funzee has different patterns, details, and designs to suit everyone. Warm and comfortable, Funzees are sure to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  With the holidays coming up, a Funzee would make a great gift to anyone on your holiday shopping list!

Have someone who doesn’t want a onesie but needs a fun body suit?  We’ve got you covered with our Funskin – our full spandex body suit that hugs the curves of your body like a glove.  Putting it on and escaping from our Funskin is easy with our easy-access, double zipper.  Check out our full range of Funzees including our Polar Funzee, Wild Funzee, and Butt Flap Funzees.  They’re perfect for cold winter mornings and lounging by the fire with your family this holiday season!