Funzee Pajamming

Funzee Adult Onesies pajamming in Washington

Pyjamming is a new phenomenon breaking out in the UK. Its not just for Bob Marley fans either but apparently it’s a kind of selfie where you pose in your pajamas (or pyjamas). The idea is to generate interest by choosing the most unlikely or unusual surroundings. The charity Action for Children has been encouraging its supporters to get out pajamming to raise awareness of youth homelessness on social media. Incidentally, according to research quoted in Time , Makati City in the Philippines takes more selfies per capita than anywhere else in the world, with Manhattan at number 2.

So will pajamming catch on in the USA? According to a 2009 entry in the Urban Dictionary , pajamming “is when you “rock out” or “jam” in your PJ’s. While mostly common when playing the video game Rock Band, this can also be done playing ‘real’ instruments.”

Whatever Pajamming means in the USA, to make the best impact, you need sleepwear that’s fun and comfy and won’t embarrass you. Something like our Retro Funzee would seem appropriate. It comes in seven adult sizes and is suitable for both men and women so you can have matching onesie pjs with your partner. Try it when you go Pajamming to the Capitol. Send us an image and we might send you a free funzee.