Funzee Onesie Sleepwear

Britney Spears in launch of Intimates

News that former pop queen Britney Spears is the face of a new sleepwear range. Apparently she is “bringing her vision of luxurious sleepwear to life with playful pieces for every woman to feel beautiful. ”

The former celebrity is supposed to represent modern empowered women and will launch a range of intimate apparel. Intimate apparel? whatever it is, must surely be the best sort of apparel, far better than that off hand, unfriendly apparel. Of course funzees are about so much more than sleepwear. You can wear them for parties, festivals, camping, ski week-ends etc., but, never the less, it got us thinking about who could be the face of funzee. Someone with a face that looks lived in, we don’t need the matinee idol looks of Brad or George Clooney. Someone with a comfy figure, on the cuddly side of plump. Youngish, but not sophisticated cool and confident like Ms Spears. Someone you would like to live next door to and may be cuddle up with on the couch in your funzee onesie sleepwear. Does that sound like anyone you know? If you have any ideas please let us know or send us a photo.