Some Funzee Halloween fun ideas for all ages

Halloween fun ideas

Halloween is just around the corner and we know that lots of you are having parties because our animal onesies have been flying out the door – especially the owl costume, so here are some Halloween fun ideas. This time last year we looked at the history of Halloween. This year there seems to be an added twist with evil clowns becoming the latest anti-social phenomenon to hit our streets. Some States have reported a clown problem with Kemper County, Mississippi being just one of several areas to pass an ordinance making it illegal for people to wear clown makeup, costumes and masks. Retailer Target has been removing clown masks from its shelves just weeks before Halloween. “We had a few masks in stores, which we began to pull last week,” a media representative of Target told ABC News. In Canada the rise of offensive costumes has led some institutions to issue guidance on what is acceptable. The student union at Brock University in Ontario, recently prepared a list of prohibited costumes for students at its Halloween event. The list features any form of headdress, costumes that mock suicide or rape, those depicting transgender activist Caitlyn Jenner, or outfits featuring a culture’s traditional attire.

There is plenty of good advice around if you need Halloween fun ideas for a costume. Vogue suggested 17 iconic pop culture combos across television and film for you and a friend to wear to that Halloween event. If that’s not to your liking, website Polyvore suggested you let your horoscope guide the way to a suitable costume. Huffington Post brought us some Halloween fun ideas for baby costumes suggesting you dress your little one up in a funny onesie to add humor at your party. This is another tricky area because there are many typical Halloween themes that are inappropriate for babes. Better to just stick with something traditional. Our image shows a home-made E.T. Halloween costume. The crotched suit was made for two year old Jack by his Mom Stephanie from Ohio who says she made it over a week-end. If you are looking for a home-made Halloween costume you could use our funzees or funskins as a base to accessorize. And for that party soundtrack The Telegraph suggested a play list for your Halloween party. Their spooky musical ideas include classics like Highway to Hell by AC/DC but their top two are Thriller from Michael Jackson, who could forget that zombie video, and Monster Mash by Bobby Pickett and the Crypt-Kickers. Send us a pic of your Halloween fun ideas and we may send you a free funzee.