Fun With Adult Footed Pajamas

Festival Funzee - Adult Onesie

Here at Funzee, we know how to have…fun (it’s in our name)! With that in mind, what could possibly be more fun that adult footed pajamas? There are plenty of reasons why grown men and women would want a pair of these comfy jammies, and here at Funzee we have them ready for you.

Do you remember how great it was to be a little kid? Remember the joy you would get from waking up at five AM every Saturday morning just so you could watch cartoons before your mom and dad woke up? Remember how mom would come down and make you a bowl of cereal while you sat on the sofa in your warm footed pajamas?

Festival Funzee - Adult OnesieYou can do it all over again! That’s right, why should kids get to have all the fun? Now that you’re old enough to get up early and watch cartoons, don’t you think you owe it to yourself to do so? Our Stripey Festival Onesie is just the thing you’ll need to help you out.

Have you driven past a high school or college campus lately? Have you seen what these kids are wearing? That’s right, they’re in their pajama bottoms and t-shirts. Why? They know it’s the most comfortable way to get through your day, that’s why! Well, you can make them all envious of YOU now by showing off your new Stripey Festival Onesie. That’s right, you might be older than all these kids, but you are much cooler (and yet, much warmer and cozy…isn’t that nice?).

Our adult footed pajamas aren’t just for showing off your new style, they’re also great for keeping you warm. Do you live up north? Are the winters filled with six feet of snow and inch thick ice covering your car? If so, you need the Stripey Festival Onesie. Instead of running outside and preheating your car with your house robe flying open, exposing you to the biting wind, you can be wearing a pair of these, which are guaranteed to keep you warm from head to toe! As an added bonus, with our bright striped design, you won’t have to worry about your neighbors not being able to see you if you step into a large pile of snow, someone is guaranteed to come to your rescue.

Plus, because they’re 100% cotton, you won’t have to worry about itchy wool or chilly rayon ruining your cozy comfy moments. When it comes to footed pajamas, our Funzee Stripey Festival Onesie is the pajama of choice!