Does it feel like the start of the Festival Season?

Coachella Festival Season

For some of us it may not feel like summer is around the corner but from sunny California Coachella marks the start of the festival season. This event has its origins in 1993 when it reportedly lost over $800,000, but it is now supposedly the most profitable music festival in the world. It started getting serious about ten years after that first event but it’s no longer a laid back Hippie vibe. Now it’s so big that it takes up two full week-ends and can attract (or afford to pay) the biggest acts around, from A to Z (almost). So this year the festival season is starting with Beyonce going on with Lady Gaga, and closing with Hans Zimmer. The biggest social media celebs. are there to show off to their fans. Selena Gomez was one. Believe it or not, she has 118.4m Instagram followers who follow her lifestyle and fashion tips. That’s about 118.4m more than us, and they were treated to snaps of her with new love The Weeknd. Commentators are full of advice about how to make the most of this festival season such as “Six Items You Need That No One Tells You To Bring” from Hollywood Life. Number one on their list is Dr. Jart+ Dermaclear™ Micro Makeup Remover Pads – no idea what that is but do you think these recommendations might just be an excuse to try and sell you something? Billboard magazine was a bit more classy – they do not put the coach in Coachella – with advice from three celebrity stylists. They included Ade Samuel, who styles Kelly Rowland among others, who suggested “I would love to see people go bold and have fun with solid bright matte, or even with fun neon colors as well — but in a cool, funky way. I’m so inspired by monochromatic outfits that pop.” Not impressed with all this fashion hype, well USA Today also thinks that the summer festival season has become all about marketing and less about fashion. So we are not even going to mention that you should buy our stripy festival funzee onesie.