Adult Onesies: Stargazing

Throw on your favorite Funzee and hit the night sky to take part in an asteroid hunt – you could even win some cold, hard, cash (enough to buy the entire Funzee collection)!

NASA has developed a new computer software program that allows the average Joe and Jane’s to watch the night skies to hunt asteroids and other hazardous objects! The Asteroid Data Hunter Challenge is offering a total of $55,000 in cash awards to those who participate in the hunt – an incentive that NASA hopes will spur on the global community to take part in the hunt! Amateur asteroid hunters can sit pretty and cozy in their pajamas or adult onesies while a computer program (available for free), scans images from their telescope and analyzes them. The program is available for free, here and the contest is open now through August!

Want to take part in your own asteroid hunt but worried about the cold? We have a great selection of Funzee Adult Onesies that will keep you cozy and warm but won’t constrict you so you’re able to scan the night skies! If you want to dress the part, try out our Wizard Robe Dressing Gown, featuring a hood and a fun royal purple color, we’ve added half moons and stars to the design, great to wear at night. If you want, add our matching Wizard Funzee! Made from soft, non-pil fleece, our Wizard Funzee features unisex sizing and is available in a non-footed or footed design! If you prefer non-footed, you can add our non-slip socks in the matching black and purple design.

If you want to make sure you stand out in the dark of the night, try out our Polar Funzee! Our Polar Funzee comes in a bright, white color and is made of soft fleece and features dark blue ribbing on the ankle and wrists cuffs! If features two pockets and you can even take it to a print shop after you receive it to further customize it! Our Blues Funzee is also a great addition for your stargazing nights! Unhooded and made of 100% soft jersey cotton, this Funzee is a two-toned design: half Lilac and half Royal Blue and even has contrasting piping on the ankles and wrists! It’s a fun, bright color that will have you standing out from the other stargazing crowds!

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