Everyone loves wearing cool pajamas

wearing cool pajamas Zooland style

We thought everyone loves wearing cool pajamas after this week saw fashion icon Victoria Beckham hit social media with her pajama inspired outfits. Mrs Beckham may be the worst soccer player in her family but she is now a well regarded fashion designer. Recently, she’s been spotted spending a lot of time helping her oldest boy Brooklyn settle in before his semester starts at New York City’s Parsons School of Design. The pajama inspired look is part of her soon to be released 2018 collection. In her days in the pop band Spice Girls, Victoria was known as posh spice so you could have fun with headlines like Posh Parades in Pink Pajamas etc. Celebrities of all ages are promoting the casual pajama look. Actress and performer, Zendaya rocked a satin fabric while wearing cool pajamas on set at the 2017 Teen Choice Awards. She made quite an impression on Anna Kendrick who praised Zendaya for bringing the pajama look into her life. Anna in turn wore daisy print PJs to her book signing for Scrappy Little Nobody in New York City. In fact when interviewed on Good Morning America she explained, “I wore pajamas yesterday and pretended it was fashion. I feel like Zendaya started wearing pajamas, she’s really doing the Lord’s work making it fashionable for all of us to wear pajamas.” However we then saw that a senior at Carl Albert High School in Midwest City, Oklahoma got into trouble on the school’s pajama day when she was accused of having her ‘butt hanging out’. She decided to start a petition to change the pajama dress code. Would you support this, ‘A school dress code policy that operates upon the belief that the amount of skin a student is showing interferes with their own ability and their peers’ ability to learn is not only harmful to female students, but also to the male students who are often accused of not being able to focus when a female’s shoulder is showing in class.’ If that look like taking things too seriously how about pajamas that feature marijuana, pills, and images of the Kama Sutra – could help you relax in bed. And wearing cool pajamas can improve all sorts of things if you follow the bedtime routine of this blogger. Something cool, cotton and versatile that you can wear inside and out, day or night, sounds like our Zooland funzee.