Essential Festival Adult Onesie

February Full of Celebrations, Events & Fun Festivals

This time of the year the internet is awash with Festival Style and Festival Essentials advice. We will try and bring you a summary of this on the blog during the summer. Recently we have been offered futuristic festival looks from The Muse (the site not the band). They came up with this list of ideas for contemporary EDM festival ravers after attending Electric Daisy Carnival New York this summer. From TLE website we have top ten mens sunglasses which they consider essential for festivals. Irish site TV3 offers  festival essentials for men. Apparently “the first thing you should be packing is your hand sanitiser.” Being clean and fresh, and avoiding unpleasant body odour at festivals seems to be a popular topic for bloggers and websites giving advice. Whereas we love the smell of neighbours in the morning. If you want to keep it simple, we created our all cotton Festival Adult Onesie cool during the day and warm enough at night. It’s all you need to pack.

And spare a thought for the performers at Festivals. If you are rock gods you can demand what you want but for young up and coming hopefuls it can be a slog. Lucas Goodman from relative newcomers “Lion Babe” are now on the festival circuit playing Lovebox and Bestival in the UK, they’ve just got back from AfroPunk in Paris and will headline Chicago’s Lollapalooza later in the summer. Lion Babe are a duo with Jillian Hervey,  who has a celebrity upbringing, being the other half. She’s the daughter of multi-talented 1980s actress and R&B singer Vanessa Williams (Wilhelmina in Ugly Betty). In 1983 Vanessa was crowned as the first black Miss America. Hervey met music partner Goodman, who was studying music at Northeastern University, and they started composing and performing together as Lion Babe. According to Goodman the festival schedule ‘can be exhausting,’ As for camping with the crowds this summer, Hervey is keen: ‘I don’t think I’ve ever had to pitch a tent but I’m totally down to do that — I love the wild.’ Goodman, however, isn’t sold. ‘My festival essentials will always be clean socks, underwear and a backstage pass to the showers — three days is a looong time without soap.’ Now there is a man who needs our festival adult onesie to keep fresh.