Easter is the time for Eggs, Bunnies, Holidays

Easter Goat Cuddler

This is Easter week-end, arguably the most important time for Christians around the world. But in these modern and diverse times it’s no longer just a religious festival. Retailers view it as a time to ramp up the promotions again. Those engaged with tourism or entertainment tend to look at Easter as the start of the season. Because it’s the end of Lent, we associate this celebration with family feasts and treats – hence the tradition of chocolate Eggs. In the days when most people did manual work and struggled to get enough calories, Easter marked the end of the lean winter months. Now we are more likely to be concerned about eating too many calories so NBC reassured us that eating candy in moderation is OK. They also brought us a list of the more healthy chocolate eggs with at number one Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs; it has only 90 calories and 8 grams of sugar per serving. Easter egg hunts have become increasingly popular for young kids, but increasingly competitive too? We learned from Detroit News that, in an attempt to avoid parental pushing, hurt feelings and even potential injury, several Metro Detroit parks and event organizers have started to enforce strict egg-gathering rules. Rather depressingly, they also reported that in Oregon a Rachel Townsend is suing the venue of an overcrowded egg hunt for $112,411 after suffering injuries last year which she alleges was down to negligent organisation. ABC brought us a segment which showed how little some kids understand about the Christian tradition while in the UK a poll asked what people associate with Easter. Jesus was the fourth most common Easter association – behind chocolate Easter eggs (76pc), bank holidays (67pc) and hot cross buns (62pc). Also on the list were the cuties – chicks, lambs, and Easter bunnies. After all Spring is the time for new life, re-birth, the return of light etc. And talking of lambs, or baby goats which are more or less the same, how about volunteering to cuddle goats in pajamas? This farmer in Canada got an overwhelming response to his plea for baby goat cuddlers some of which he dresses in flannel pajamas. Remember we have our cotton Spring funzee – cool and cute with fluffy sheep.