How to Dress for Summer Music festivals

Dress for Summer Music

So we are into August and the peak time of year for worrying about how to dress for summer music festivals. From Burning Man to Mardi Gras in New Orleans and from Electric Daisy Carnival in Vegas to the Monterey Jazz Festival there is a great event to suit all tastes. We have just enjoyed Lollapalooza, this week-end sees Outside Lands in San Francisco and to come in August are Peach Festival in Scranton, PA and LockN Festival Arrington, VA to name just two. Time was when dressing for music festivals just meant jeans and a Led Zep T Shirt but not anymore. It’s now a Stairway to Fashion and there are so many pitfalls to avoid. The Chicago Reader gave us a flavor of the fashion at Lollapalooza, “The overall theme seemed to be -come as you are, with a dash of who you want to be- Feel like wearing a full-length prom gown over combat boots?” Cynics might say that to dress for summer music festivals you have to spend six hours looking like you don’t care what you wear. The National Post has an interesting article entitled, “The irony of music festival fashion: Why do people put so much energy into looking cool?” There does seem to be a section of people who are there to be seen and get the right social media images rather than listen to the music. Anyone else been surprised at how people who have paid $200 for a ticket seem to spend the whole time chatting instead of paying attention to the music legends performing?

And it’s not just young women who have to care about their image; from Trendspotter we noticed some helpful fashion advice for men.  In fact music festivals have generally become a great place for fashion brands and others to pitch to young consumers with disposable income by combining promotion with the latest technology. For the young tech-savvy audience, social media has been the key to enabling music fans to experience festivals vicariously through live Tweets, Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram posts, making shared music experiences even better. There are some interesting examples of how to commercialize a festival audience in this article from Australia. But a word of caution; it’s easy to offend accidentally if you are not culturally sensitive. So no Indian Headdress or sexist T- Shirts as explained in this article from Germany. If you are wondering how to dress for Summer Music events, better play safe with our Summer Festival Funzee Adult Onesie.