Dress Like An Invisible Man and Be Seen As a Fashionista

Black Funskin - Spandex bodysuit

Have you ever fantasized about walking the streets of your city during the night, feeling invisible while being totally anonymous? Well, now you get to have a taste of it! With our Black Funskin body suit you get experience of what it is like to blend with the night or just be the most original character at a Halloween party, while feeling comfortable all the way. Do you feel like being a superhero for a day? We get you the suit, you take care of the good deeds.

Adult onesies are becoming the next “it” thing to wear. They are super cozy, they accentuate your curves, they fit like a glove and most of all, they give you a look of cool and confidence. Some major fashionistas have already been seen wearing them, such as Sienna Miller and Rita Ora during Glastonbury Festival this year (really, is there an event throughout the year that is more trend-setting, or bigger trend-setters for that matter?), as well as Beyonce, Miley Cyrus and Rihanna, just to name a few. Sure, it takes courage to pull this look off; but then it is worth the feeling you will have while wearing it, and other people admiring your originality and guts. In any case, you can opt for a daytime look if you want to look uber-stylish and fashion-forward, or you can choose the party option, frat, bachelor or Halloween, if you would like to spice up your social appearance by going for an authentic and surprising look.

Either way, with the Black Funskin you get a high quality catsuit that covers your whole body, including feet, hands and face. It comes in 4 sizes (unisex sizing, with height as determinant) and has a double zip at the back and the fabric enables you to breathe and see through it, though it may seem unbelievable to people around you. Easy to slip in and out of, this “second skin” will add excitement to your wardrobe and make you feel adventurous and audacious whenever you decide to step out wearing it.

Finally, a skin tight suit covering the whole body is not just a garment, it is sensation of freedom. There is a whole movement spreading from Japan, where people wear this type of suit, under the name “zentai” (from “zenshintaitsu” meaning the full body suit), with the idea behind it that “anonymity is liberating”. Now you can see if this is true yourself, for $29.95 all across the USA.