Don’t be scared it’s just the end of October

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The end of October this week which means time changes, Halloween and the day of the dead. But it’s not the end of the world as far as we know. Conspiracy theorist David Meade said that October 15th will be the start of a ‘seven year tribulation’, which will bring mankind to an end. He claims to be a researcher in to the Biblical End of Times, and has evidence that a hidden planet will cause devastation as it approaches Earth. Strangely enough, many places have seen freak weather in October and in London UK the unusual weather brought a strange red sky on October 15th.  If that wasn’t freaky enough then look into the Mexican Day of the Dead. Any motorsport fans may have already seen a taster of this as some of those attending the Mexican Grand Prix last week-end wore suitable costumes. The main festival takes place on November 2 this year all over Mexico, in particular the Central and South regions, and is believed to have Aztec origins. It is heavy on symbolism, with skulls and skeletons the signature emblems. Sounds familiar of course because its related to our celebration of Halloween when the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead is lifted briefly. But let’s not get too serious, most of us celebrate with a funny costume or a scary mask. The Met in New York is just one institution hosting a kids Halloween themed pajama party. We’ll be looking out for some of the best Halloween costumes over the next week to highlight in a future blog but we have seen the usual last minute buying of our animal onesies, dinosaur is particularly popular, as customers head for their parties. And Halloween represents the start of the main shopping season as research by Bazaarvoice confirms the first big spike in online shopping traffic takes place at the end of October with 260% more online traffic than normal. So come on, get those credit cards out and get the family matching footed pajamas this Christmas.