Don’t go overboard at the Rio Olympic Party

Olympic Party for Batcherlorette

The greatest sporting show on earth is currently taking place in Brazil with the Olympic Party in Rio. Of course team USA is at the top of the medal board and we are far and away the most successful sporting nation in the world. We also spotted a couple of charming Olympic Party stories this week. We have to mention the USA swimming team who seem to have got carried away in more ways than one and some are now in big trouble. Michael Phelps won an amazing and record breaking 23rd gold medal of his career so the national team director, suspended the normal 1 a.m. curfew for team members. Ryan Lochte and three team mates enjoyed a night of partying like its 1999 but seem to be a bit hazy about the details. That must have been a great Olympic party. There were also a couple of well publicised wedding proposals amongst the medal winners. A gold medal for Great Britain dressage rider Charlotte Dujardin encouraged her fiancé Dean Golding to hold up a sign saying “Can we get married now?” Chinese diver He Zi was still on the podium after winning her silver medal when fiancé Qin Kai made his proposal. However best proposal so far maybe goes to 25 year old USA star triple jumper Will Claye who ran in to the crowd to propose to his long time girlfriend Queen Harrison shortly after winning his silver medal. There was also amusement in the UK when a local Brazilian batcherlorette party decided to gate crash the BBC coverage. The bride to be, Brazilian Maria, was interviewed live by the BBC and subsequently invited the presenter Dan walker to her wedding in September.
If an Olympic party feels too much like hard work, follow the lead of Colombia where citizens have just celebrated their 32nd annual “World Day of Laziness.” This whole day is dedicated to rest, and people drag their beds into the street, dress in costumes or their pajamas, and sleep in the open air. It’s not really promoting “laziness” but brings home that the modern world needs to relax by encouraging restorative behaviour, wellness, and healthy use of downtime!