Don’t get caught out in another sleepwear nightmare

Sleepwear Nightmare in store

No sleepwear nightmare for Tom Brady as publicity for his new hi-tech pajama range continued. SI Live was just one commentator to wonder if all this publicity might be a distraction. “What if Houston pulls an upset? What would Bill Belichick and the fans of New England think then of the idea of all this high-profile hawking of pajamas during the NFL postseason?” The media hype was helped by Brady doing an impression of Dwayne Johnson. The WWE star turned actor was not impressed “What are you doing? It’s OK. I’m not judging. Who the f–k directed that? A Jets fan? Had to have been a Jets fan.” If you are interested in looking deeper into this story, website The Stack published an article entitled “Is Bio-Ceramic Clothing Legit? Examining The Science Behind Tom Brady’s Fancy Pajamas”. They identify some promising research and conclude that at best you could help the effectiveness of your sleep, and worst case you might get some kinda placebo effect using the same pajamas as a three-time Super Bowl MVP. Meanwhile, across the pond in the UK a sleepwear nightmare of a different kind hits social media when a shopper complained about two female customers in his local store who were shopping in pajamas and dressing gowns. Pretty soon TV viewers and radio stations got in on the debate and the guy who complained on social media got abuse for taking photos of women without their knowledge. One of the women involved was tracked down by a newspaper and commented “I’ll be honest, I was kind of hungover and just wanted to get something for my baby and some snacks with my mum. We had already put our pajamas on for the evening so didn’t think anything of it, we didn’t think we would be internationally shamed…We are travellers and we feel like it is sexist and racist. It’s an attack on our culture and way of life.” Strange how broadly we use the word culture these days. Anyway, the story went international and from half a world away in New Zealand there was a relaxed view with one supermarket owner commenting “we welcome shoppers in pajamas, provided the clothing offers suitable body coverage”. The most common complaints in their store about other customers were shoppers with body odour, women with short skirts, or men with exposed stomachs. Now that sounds like a real sleepwear nightmare.