Cute Onesie for Valentines or Something Even Weirder

Google Search Trends - No Cute Onesie for Valentines

In case you missed it, last Sunday was Valentine’s day the most romantic day of the year for many and we are happy that some of you bought our cute onesie for Valentines. Saint Valentine is the patron saint of engaged couples but his origins are not so cuddly and romantic. He was a Roman priest imprisoned and martyred for performing weddings for Roman soldiers who were forbidden to marry, and for ministering to Christians who were persecuted under the Roman Emperor Claudius back in third century Rome. St Valentine’s Day is also infamous for the “massacre” which took place in Chicago in 1929 between rival mafia gangs. Anyway, on a lighter note, not everyone was lucky enough to receive a cute onesie for Valentine’s but thanks to Google Trends we can see what people were searching for in each State. Fox 13 reports the most popular searches in Utah were for conversation hearts, men’s rings, cubic zirconium, lingerie and couple’s games. In comparison, Idaho’s most popular search was for Adam and Eve, the online adult novelty store. Reddit asked its followers to suggest Valentine gifts for men and it’s an eclectic mix as you can imagine including a Darth Vader adult onesie. But one Reddit user, chrisflynn85 believed to be from Pennsylvania, may not have had a great Valentine Day celebration. Chris shared an image on Reddit with the header: ‘This is my wife’s “don’t f****** touch me I’m on my period” outfit.’ It featured his poor wife doing her make up in the bathroom dressed in a fleecy snowman dressing gown, baggy pajama trousers and fluffy socks. Hopefully his wife has a sense of humor and is not easily embarrassed as that post notched up more than 2 million views along with almost 2,000 comments. Chris later commented, “Sh*t didn’t realize this would get so many upvotes…. If she sees this, pms is going to move to defcon 1”.

We hope he bought his wife a cute onesie for Valentines day to make amends.