Why Customer Service helps sell Adult One Piece Pajamas

Funzee - Adult Onesie

We only sell our Adult One Piece Pajamas online but we do use the marketplaces of both Ebay and Amazon. Ebay recently sent us a “Your Customers Love You” award. Our Customers ratings are amongst the highest on Ebay usa. Our Amazon seller rating is currently 100 out of 100. Amazon Seller Rating is a data-driven measure of the customer experience we provide, with each of our orders counting towards our overall rating.

At funzee we have a simple old fashioned philosophy. For someone to come to our website and then send us money is an act of faith or trust. You don’t really know us and you can’t really check us out. So we feel that when you do contact us we should try and deliver outstanding service. Our Adult One Piece Suits and other fun garments should be good quality, should be properly described on the website, if you ask us a question we answer swiftly and honestly, if you order we send it same or next day with a reliable carrier, and if you have a genuine problem and want to return it, we will help you do that. Customer service is not viewed as cost by us but as part of the product. When you buy from funzee you are buying a product you can trust. If you have a good experience you may buy again, you may tell your friends to buy again, you may praise us on facebook. Giving good customer experience just makes sense but for an online business it is essential.