Cool Sleepwear or Naturally Naked?

USA Flag cool sleepwear or naturally naked?

Have you noticed it’s getting hot? Global warming, or just summer? Even at night, in some parts, it barely gets below 20 degrees and the air doesn’t move so there is no helpful breeze. On nights like this you need cool sleepwear or just go naked as the day you were born. Research has shown that there is an ideal temperature for helping sleep but if the temperature is too high, it takes longer to fall asleep, and once sleep is achieved, it may be poor quality broken sleep with less of the beneficial dream sleep. Trouble is, by now the shops are probably sold out of fans and mobile AC units. So here are some more tips on how to stay cool on these humid summer nights: how about using a cold water bottle – take your hot water bottle but fill it with iced water. Or if you want more hard core (and hard sheets) you could wrap your sheets up in a bin bag and put them in the freezer. Make sure the bed clothes are made of cotton which is breathable and ideal for ventilation in the bedroom. If you have a live-in partner you might want to consider sleeping apart on hot summer nights. Save the summer lovin’ for cooler mornings when you are happy to get sweaty together. Nothing warms you up like a bit of body to body contact.

The Sleep Council has more good advice on cool sleepwear. According to them, you should wear light cotton nightwear. They claim this is actually better than wearing nothing at all as natural fabric will absorb any perspiration. In a national survey last year of 3,700 men and women, only 8% reported sleeping naked, while nearly three quarters—74%—went to bed in pajamas. Luckily we have just produced our Zooland funzee which is an unhooded and unfooted adult onesie. It’s made from 100% cotton and has cute penguins on it so you can try and fool yourself you are in the Antarctic. In Australia they know a bit about heat waves and our favorite Australian, supermodel Elle (the body) Macpherson has been preaching the benefits of a good night’s sleep but she shuns cool sleepwear. ‘I really believe women can do it all, but they can’t do it all at the expense of their health, their sleep, and their sense of well-being’ she posted. And she has revealed she uses ‘nature’s Valium’ to help her doze off. Unsurprisingly, you can now buy her special recipe tea to assist at bedtimes. The super ingredient in the tea is Valerian root, a common herbal remedy for insomnia, which Elle refers to as ‘nature’s Valium’.  Is that also what they use to make Valerian steel for the swords in Game of Thrones?