Chicago Cubs are Big Adult Onesie Fans

Chicago Cubs - Adult Onesie Fans

News this week that the Chicago Cubs are Big Adult Onesie Fans and according to many media outlets grownup onesies are having a nationwide second. Sports fans will have noted Jake Arrieta no-hit the Los Angeles Dodgers last Sunday. Arrieta was lights-out on the mound, striking out a season-high 12. Fitting, since the 29-year-old right-hander had thought about throwing a no-hitter since he was a kid. His grandfather witnessed one of Nolan Ryan’s no-hitters in Texas. There followed a onesie pajama themed trip for the team. Cubs manager Joe Maddon decided on a pajama party for the team’s overnight flight home from LA. Maddon didn’t hesitate when Sunday’s contest was moved to a night game. He figured an overnight flight required pajamas. He just didn’t expect Los Angeles to be so hot. (Top funzee tip: If you are planning a pajama party in the summer in LA we recommend our 100% cotton Festival funzee.) Anyway, the team inspired all adult onesie fans with a motley collection of onesies. Rookie third baseman Kris Bryant went with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles one-piece, whereas reliever Hector Rondon sported a Superman onesie. “For me, growing up, I always thought, ‘oh, baseball players, suit and tie,’ ” Bryant said “It’s kind of cool to goof around a little bit and be a kid again.” Arrieta decided a novel grey mustache-print onesie was appropriate for the press convention after his no-no at Dodger stadium.

Sports News channel ESPN was one of the big media outlets covering the story and we at Funzee were contacted by the Chicago News to give some background. They noted, “Onesies seem to be becoming a fad here in the US, but you seem to be a couple of years ahead of the curve in the UK.” It’s true that in the UK we all became adult onesie fans for a couple of years with millions being sold by retailers at Christmas. May be this year we’ll see a similar craze in the USA. Several retailers have noted how adult onesies are now becoming popular with a young student crowd. One interviewed in LA stated that men in California will go bar-hopping “with humorous underpants on beneath and the butt flap open,” while it seems the opposite sex “put on them unbuttoned almost all the best way down.”

Nonetheless, despite all of the publicity curtesy of the Chicago Cubs outfits onesie pajamas, there was no big increase in sales to adult onesie fans this week. No doubt they will all be putting them top of their Christmas lists though.