From Charity Adult Onesies to Royal Birthday

Charity Adult Onesies in Utah

This week had two very important celebrations – from the sublime to the ridiculous you might say. It was National Wear your Pajamas to Work Day. Each year on April 16th, the day after taxes are due in the United States, it is time to let go of the stress and wear your pajamas to work. Fox Sports had some great pictures of a Nascar team changing tyres in their pajamas. Many employees use this as an opportunity to get sponsored and treat it as a fundraiser. Putting on charity adult onesies has always been a great way to raise money. Our image shows a fun pub crawl to benefit a local charity in Salt Lake City this week. Everyone participating in the pub crawl was asked to bring a donation to the “Youth Making a Difference Foundation” which teaches young people about leadership and provides practical experiences to help make a positive difference. Tell us about your charity adult onesies event and we may send you something nice to help.

For those of you who work from home maybe every day is wear your pajamas to work day, but for those that have to go to the warehouse, office, factory, school etc. it’s a chance to have some fun and maybe make some money for charity. A new survey by work space provider Regus reported that about four in 10 office workers have worked from home in their pajamas but luckily 86 per cent smartened up before a video call. That still means some of you are doing video calls in your sleepwear.

And although we know that in the USA you couldn’t care less, you have to be reminded that yesterday the Queen of England was 90 years old. She is the longest UK reigning monarch ever having been on the throne for 64 years. Can you believe she became queen in 1952? Harry S Truman was president, Puerto Rico became a self-governing commonwealth of the United States, and the Senate ratified a peace treaty with Japan. Given the choice of candidates that you are likely to get for you presidential elections in November, wouldn’t you rather be ruled by the Queen? Say you are sorry for starting that unpleasantness with her ancestors in 1776 and you can have this charming, wise mature women back in charge.