More celebrity things to do in your pajamas

Ridiculous Pajama Stories

We have written many times about wearing pajamas as the latest catwalk fashion but here are a couple of celebrity ideas of things to do in your pajamas.  Last week-end we saw pictures of Martha Stewart and Snoop Dog promoting a new TV show in their pajamas.  It’s an unlikely pairing but their new VH1 talk show, working title Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party, announced last month, is set to premiere in the fall. Snoop Dogg has already had careers as a rapper and actor and now joins the lifestyle icon on a cooking and talk show. Stewart has already enjoyed careers as a stock broker, event caterer, store manager and writer before becoming a TV personality. Someone will no doubt come up with a good joke about which presenter is a convicted felon, the rapper or the dear old lady. For the first episode of the new show it looks like they invited DJ Khaled and Robin Thicke to show what you can do in your pajamas. Snoop showed off his velour onesie pajamas while Stewart opted for a classic pajama set and slippers. She led the crew in rustling up a meal of eggs, waffles, popovers, and Snoop’s special Kool-Aid.

Meanwhile satirical website, the onion, showed us some other things to do in your pajamas. Their popular tweet showed Tim Kaine running around Clinton campaign headquarters in footie pajamas. “When Tim gets all crazy like this, you just have to let him wear himself out” said campaign manager Robby Mook while the Virginia senator jumped up and down on a nearby couch chanting “Hill-a-ry, Hill-a-ry” and asking volunteers if they wanted to hear him count to 10 in Spanish. You shouldn’t believe everything you read in The Onion, he may not be quite so childish. A poll this month by CNN/ORC International showed that 19% of voters had never heard of him. According to The Economist “It is the traditional role of a vice-presidential running mate—that of attack dog—to which Mr Kaine has most easily adjusted. He accompanies his bites at Mr Trump’s record with an easy smile that testifies to his capacity—refined during his struggles as governor with a mulish Republican legislature—to be simultaneously calculating and cheerful.”  Being vice president – one of the things to do in your pajamas?