Celebrities offer Halloween Costume Ideas for 2017

Halloween Costume Ideas

You probably have moved on from Halloween Costume Ideas, after all in November we have Thanksgiving, Black Friday for shoppers and in China, Singles Day all coming up. But next year when you are wrestling with original Halloween Costume Ideas the best thing is to look back at news stories from about now which will show what celebs. have been posting on social media. Our pic. shows Kira Kosarin and Audrey Whitby the stars of teen superhero show The Thundermans. The girls decided to wear some comfy animal onesies for Halloween this year, “She’s a dino. I’m a hippo. Together we are extremely cozy,” Audrey wrote on Instagram. We also found this article showing Michelle Williams’s little girl Matilda Ledger, who had her eleventh birthday on Friday. She is the late Heath Ledger’s daughter and chose a comfy grey adult onesie when she and her mum were spotted in the Red Hook area of Brooklyn. Celeb site, The Insider, brought us “41 more celebrities who came up with amazing Halloween costumes”. They decided the best celebrity costume was Beyoncé, who with Jay Z went as a Ken and Barbie boxed set, and the one that took the longest to reveal was from supermodel Heidi Klum, who managed to clone herself six times. The Verge also gave us a roundup of the best Halloween costume ideas from around the internet. They say a lot of people have dressed up in homage to one of this year’s breakout apps, namely Pokemon Go and give a great example. While Google Trends had some predictions on which Halloween costumes were likely to be the year’s most popular with top of its list Harley Quinn.

Now we guess some of you are thinking hang on a minute what’s that about Singles Day in China? Well, Worldpay is a leading online payment processor and it says that last year it processed three times as many retail transactions on 11/11 than on Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined. In 2015 it processed an amazing 9,000 transactions a minute on China’s Singles Day. This started off as a celebration for single people inspired by the fact that only the number 1 appears in the date. It’s become a date to spend money on yourself, go out with your single friends or end you single status by getting married. Should we bring it to the USA?