Can you predict the best Christmas Gifts for 2017?

matching pajamas - best Christmas Gifts

As usual at this time of the year there is no shortage of predictions for what will be the best Christmas Gifts for 2017. Popular Mechanics offers 50 Great Gadget and Gear Gifts for the Holidays which includes some interesting household and DIY items as well as the predictable drones, cameras etc. Also in electronics, the most popular searched items at the moment are for the i phone X, Chromebook and Nintendo Switch but as we get nearer to Christmas, Lego Dimensions and Xbox One X are becoming popular searches. Have you noticed how many Xs there are around? It used to be “e” everything, then “i” everything, and now X everything. Anyhow, also for the kids, we see Star Wars Battlefront 2, Fingerlings, and Teddy Ruxpin, a talking animatronic bear, being likely to be among the best Christmas Gifts.

And what is on people’s gift wish lists? According to recent research the most popular item is gift cards — especially from Amazon, Visa and Wal-Mart. That’s a bit sad we think as gift cards are only one step away from giving cash. Oprah produced her annual gift guide recently, with 102 items of “Oprah’s Favorite Things”. Some, like the $599 coffee machine, are probably out of reach but she also chooses matching holiday pajamas for the whole family. Gwyneth Paltrow is another celebrity who publishes gift ideas with her Lifestyle site Goop, and they are often expensive too. But we like her because she is another pajama fan “I wear pajamas every night. Then I’m always like… ‘How great, to look cute while you’re making breakfast?’ On the weekend, I’ll stay in pajamas all day” And pajamas are not just on celebrities lists of best Christmas gifts. Researchers in New Jersey asked kids “If you could wear anything you wanted to school, what would it look like?” Answers from Grade 7 included, “if there was no rules of wearing pj’s to school, I would wear them everyday of the school year,” and “If I could wear anything to school it would be my onesie which are pajamas. It looks like those pajamas that I used to wear when I was a tiny toddler but without the feet part.” So if you want cute matching pajamas for the whole family try our Elfie style adult onesies with festive red and green stripes.