Those Brady pajamas show their value

Lady Gaga Superbowl - Brady Pajamas work

You may have seen that the Patriots won the super bowl last week-end so maybe those hi tech Brady pajamas we have been reporting on had something to do with it. Tom was moved by the exciting 34 -28 victory to post poetry on Instagram choosing English writer Rudyard Kipling’s poem If…. “If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster and treat those two impostors just the same…..” etc. good choice Tom. Time Magazine was one of the publications that decided to put Tom’s sleepwear to the test with “This Is What It’s Like To Sleep in Tom Brady Pajamas”. Seems that they weren’t impressed. A little more impressed was this reviewer. According to the Senior VP of Global Product at Under Armour the Brady pajamas are made from “a synthetic blend, with 4-way stretch …We’ve used the word ‘yummy’; it doesn’t feel too warm, and feels great on the skin.” And Under Armour were in need of all this publicity as, according to CNBC, the web-connected fitness business is the fastest-growing unit at Under Armour, and it’s a company in need of innovative new business lines to keep those shareholders happy. The stock fell 23 percent recently after fourth-quarter earnings fell well short of expectations, and its shares are down a whopping 75 percent over the past year. The web-connected business line is still less than 2 percent of Under Armour revenue but it’s the bit with exciting growth prospects. Whatever, although no record was set this year, Sunday’s game drew 111.3 million viewers on Fox. Lady Gaga’s halftime performance drew 117.5 million viewers, making it the second most watched halftime ever, behind Katy Perry’s performance two years ago (remember the shark onesies). The Wall Street Journal asked readers to rate the commercials shown during super bowl. Maybe no surprise then that this year’s winner was a promo for the National Geographic’s upcoming new show “Genius,” about Albert Einstein which stars Geoffrey Rush. The spot showed Geoffrey (or Albert) playing Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” on violin right after the singer’s halftime show. Relatively good.