Some August Celebration Days you may have missed

August Celebration Days

Everyone is typically on vacation now so August is normally a slow news month, but here are some August Celebration Days you may have missed. India celebrated being 70 years old – well it was 1947 when the British pulled out so 70 years of Independence, and as you can see from our image, the coolest leader on the planet couldn’t help getting involved. Canada too had its own celebrations this summer with a series of events to celebrate 150 years since the founding of the Confederation. Over in Europe they have one of the great Celebration Days for beer lovers with the International Berlin Beer Festival. Around 2,200 varieties of beer from over 300 different breweries belonging to over 85 different countries are available – better not try them all. On a more serious note, August is when we remember the end of the Second World War with the anniversary of VJ Day. On August 14, 1945 an announcement was made by the Japanese Emperor to surrender unconditionally to the allied forces. And thinking of Hawaii, most residents there have a party every August since it was on August 21, 1959 that Hawaii became a state. In fact it became the 50th state admitted to the Union which is handy because 50 is an easy number to remember. Will there be a 51st ever?

Let’s return to the less serious side of things. If you are the sort of person who likes art installations, light shows, kite-flying, hula hooping sessions, night-long dance parties and fashion shows then August is the month for you as at the end of this month the annual Burning Man festival takes place in Nevada. Sound like too much activity? In South America they do things differently and folk in Colombia took to the streets last Sunday to mark their annual “World Laziness Day,” a bit of fun but also an effort to get over stressed workers to slow down and appreciate the world around them. If you feel like a Laziness Day then check out our adult onesie range, a cotton funzee is the perfect apparel for slowing down.