Animal Onesie Costume Pajamas

Chipmunk Animal Onesie Costume Pajamas

Animal Onesie Costume Pajamas have recently become popular thanks perhaps to A list celebrities like Miley Cyrus (Instagram account 29.7 million followers) and Cara Delevingne (Instagram account 20.6 million followers) showing they can be cool as well as cozy. But the origin of these fun cute animal based costumes is actually in Japan. Japanese animation developed its own style during the twentieth century and “anime” as it is now called is an art form in itself. Special attention is paid to the artwork of the characters and although increasingly popular in Japan it was not until the 1990s that an “anime boom” developed, with conventions dedicated to anime and manga. These often included elements like cosplay, or “costume play”, contests. Many attendees like to dress up as their favorite characters to try and bring these two dimensional animated characters to life. The Japanese name for costumed performers who represent cartoon characters, often animals, is Kigurumi. This name comes from fusing two words, the verb kiru (to wear) and noun nuigurumi (stuffed toy). One of the major Japanese suppliers is SAZAC who were established in 1996. Popular outfits in Japan include Pokemon characters such as Pikachu, Disney characters, and Sanrio characters such as Hello Kitty. Young fans will often go to great lengths and expense to dress up and can be seen walking around the streets in what we might consider to be fancy dress.

As the popularity of Kigurumi has spread to the West, many producers in China have produced copy cat character costumes. We though tend to focus on animal onesie pajamas forgetting the cartoon origin of these characters and preferring to wear these costumes as sleepwear rather than going out in them. But of course Halloween gives us all the opportunity to dress up in any costume, no matter how outrageous or irrelevant. We find that our Unicorn animal onesie costume pajamas are most popular at this time of the year but magical Unicorn, scary Leprechaun, sexy Pop Corn…. just about anything goes on October 31st.