Adult Summer Slumber Parties

Funzoo – One Eye Green Alien Costume

Funzoo – Cookie Monster CostumeSlumber parties aren’t just for kids! In fact, adult slumber parties are set to become a major trend this summer as the weather heats up. In case you’re wondering how exactly you throw an adult slumber party, Funzee is here to help break it down for you.

Before you begin making plans, get your guest list together. Pajama parties are supposed to be fun so make sure you’re inviting people who will be willing to cut loose and wear pajamas in front of others. When you send out your invitation be sure to specify that pajamas are required. You can even give them some advice for where to purchase their pajamas. has a great selection of adult onesies so be sure to add the link to our complete collection to your invite!

Make sure that you have plenty of food and drinks!Great adult slumber party foods include popcorn, candy, and other bite-sized snacks. Also of note is to make sure you have enough sleeping accommodations for everyone. Make sure your guest rooms are in order and if you need more space, you can sleep a few people camp out style in your living room or on your couch. If you’re watching movies for the night, pick a few from each genre so that everyone’s tastes will be satisfied.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a party without party games! Favorites include a scavenger hunt, spin the bottle, or you can even have your guests enter a contest to figure out who wore the most fashionable pair of Adult Onesie Pajamas! If you really want to get wild, break it down into categories like: Best Pair of Animal Adult Onesies or Most Retro Pair of Adult Onesies. Your guests will sure to join in on the fun and you’ll have memories that will last a lifetime!

With our great and affordable selection of adult onesies, Funzee has everything you need to hold a stylish and fun adult onesie slumber party. Make sure to order soon to receive delivery in time for your party and, as always, rest assured that your satisfaction will be guaranteed!