Adult Onesies Worldwide

Adult Onesies Worldwide

We sell adult onesies worldwide so we spot some interesting differences in national tastes. Of course, somewhere in the world it is winter and while we may be looking forward to summer vacations, our cousins “down under” have been experiencing the coldest start to their winter in 40 years. We tend to associate Australia with the land of sunshine, beaches and hot weather but some parts can drop to close to freezing during the worst winter nights. And they feel it worse as their type of homes aren’t designed to keep the warmth in and the cold out like they are in North America. The situation was so extreme that 10% of Australians report that they have had to move their families into a warmer part of the house to sleep – even into one room – to beat the chill during frosty nights. This was one of the findings of a new survey there which revealed the top ten ways Australians stay warm at home. One in ten people put on a onesie – maybe like our Wizard funzee? More surprisingly, and don’t try this at home kids, 15 per cent of respondents have left the oven door open to warm up and ten per cent have resorted to tumbling their clothes in the dryer to heat them up before getting dressed.

And while we are talking about adult onesies worldwide, here are a couple more recent stories from Australia:

The Huffington Post  noticed an auction on Australian eBay for a limited edition ‘Wondersuit’ onesie from Australian brand Bonds ended at over AUD 60,000…. that’s over $46,000 in real US dollars, for a normal looking  babygro that should retail here at $15 – winter madness?

We expect Aussies to be laid back, but their government immigration department recently issued an updated dress code to its public servants, reminding them that “onesies, ugg-boots and thongs” are inappropriate work wear. The department said it issued the new dress code to staff as they have been arriving in increasingly casual clothing. Mike Pezzullo departmental secretary, said he was asked to rule on whether “onesies” could be worn at work – he had not previously been familiar with the term in relation to adult apparel. “I didn’t even know what a onesie was until I was shown pictures.” Mr Pezzullo said the rules were designed to encourage “basic professionalism”.

And remember folks, if you are ever going through immigration in Australia you are asked “Do you have a criminal record”, you must not answer, “I didn’t know I still needed one to get in”.