Adult Onesie Suits for Halloween

Funskin - Spandex bodysuit

An interesting article on Buzzfeed looks at unusual Halloween costumes and how you can make them yourself. Halloween is not until the end of October but its a big time for themed fancy dress parties. You need to think about your costume in advance if you are going to be original and not just go to the hire shop at the last minute. Of course the traditional Halloween characters are witches, devils, goblins and so forth but also Horror movie favourites like Dracula, The Mummy and more modern villains, think Freddy Krueger. With a bit of imagination onesie suits for Halloween are ideal. You could use several of our funzee garments in your own self made halloween costume. Buzzfeed mentions our Polar funzee for those wanting a white fluffy look but you could also use our Wizard robe if you are planning a magic or Harry Potter theme. Then there are our funskins which can look pretty scary on their own. Because the face is fully covered it makes the wearer look anonymous  and in some ways only partly formed. So these could be a good base for going as the Invisible Man (or woman) or some sort of evil super villain. If you use any of our funzee products in an original or amusing fancy dress costume please send us a photo – we might even give you a free funzee if its really good.