The Adult Onesie, Love it or Hate it

We love this week as it marks the official start of Spring but adult onesie love was in short supply judging from the latest stories that caught our eye. One angry UK resident made it into his local paper by saying college students going to local stores in their pajamas or adult onesies were giving his town a bad image. And to re-enforce this familiar theme, the BBC noted that a shop in Northern Ireland had banned customers from shopping in their pajamas and onesies. In a more light hearted vein, spoof news site The Daily Mash reported that the last adult onesie in had been destroyed in a controlled explosion in front of cheering crowds. The Safety Manager responsible stated, “It’s a powerful act, showing the world that we’ve turned our back on a shameful time when it was acceptable for a grown adult to wear a giant all-in-one like a crapping baby.” Seems a bit harsh to us. Then we saw another post showing onesie hate, a crime of fashion, “Game Abandons All Taste and Decency with Switch Onesie” which means that retailer Game has decided to celebrate the launch of the new Nintendo games console, The Switch, with a specially designed adult onesie. But the post went on, “The misshapen monstrosity’s official title is the ‘Switch Suit’, which at least captures some element of the design’s intention: it reverses between a hideous purple pajama form, and an inept approximation of a suit.” No onesie love there I fear. But some of you Gamers must be concealing your onesie love because stories again emerged of fans going in search of the Xbox onesie. And website Teton Gravity asked, “Did Helly Hansen Make the Adult Onesie Cool Again?” The sports gear company introduced a ski onesie in honor of their 140th anniversary. While GearJunkie introduced us to Shinesty a two year old retro and, um, whacky-weird-fun clothing brand based in Boulder, Colo. Shinesty wants to see every skier in neon adult onesies and banana hammocks. With Spring around the corner we will soon be reporting on summer festival fashion. Don’t think we would ever claim our funzee onesies are at the leading edge of fashion or make you look cool but they are fun, and cozy and practical so show your adult onesie love with pride.