Adult Footed Pajamas: When and Where

Bumble Funzee - Adult onesie

As spring comes to a close and the heady, lazy days of summer roll in; you might be wondering how you can take full advantage of your vacation time and days off. thinks the best way to extend your vacation is to spend as much time as possible in your Funzee Adult Onesies! You might be wondering how you can possibly pull off this fashion trend but we’re here to rescue you with some good advice on making your pajamas trendy in public.

First, you need to make sure you choose the right type of fabric. While cozy flannels and terrycloth are really comfortable at night, they’ll stand out in public and may even be too warm, overheating your body. Instead, try a fabric that’s been worn for ages and will keep you comfortable, like 100% cotton. All of Funzee’s Adult Onesies are made from 100% cotton and have features like footed (or non-footed) and hooded (or without a hood). We have something for everyone! Try our Wild Funzee with Leopard detail for a fun night out with your friends!

Secondly, try to add fun accessories like chunky necklaces, a fashionable watch, or even a pair of great shoes to offset the fact that you’re wearing pajamas in a public setting. For this tip, our Winter is Coming Funzee is a great option, as it comes in a neutral black so you can pare it with just about any color or accessory that you can find. Since it’s one of our non-footed styles, try a great pair of boots to highlight your look.

Bumble Stripy SocksFinally, remember to consider your destination. If you’re wearing pajamas on a long flight, that’s more than likely a very acceptable location than say, wearing them to church or school (unless you’re having a themed pajama day). thinks that you should be able to wear your adult onesies whenever and wherever you want but since that’s not the case, check the dress code first, so you won’t feel out of place. If you find out that it’s perfectly acceptable to wear your adult onesie, try our Bumble Funzee for a bright and fresh look!

When you shop with, you’re sure to get great customer service and your satisfaction is always guaranteed. All of our adult onesies feature unisex sizing and with a wide variety of prints, colors, patterns, and fabrics; we’re sure to have something for everyone! Try us out today!