Onesie Pajamas for Adults

What Are Fun Onesie Pajamas?

You all know the onesie pajamas and footie pajamas, that we wore when we were little. They were soft, cozy, and you could stay in them all day.

But, why should babies and kids have all the fun? We want the same for adults! Thats why since 2008 we have been designing and selling onesies for adults. We don’t make baby sizes but if you are looking for onesies for teens or adults you can check out our designs.

Also check out this charming introductory funzee video to learn more about our adult one-piece pajamas that we call – funzee onesie pajamas.

Where You’ve Seen Onesie Pajamas

You may have seen adult onesie pajamas on your favorite TV shows like Scrubs, Friends, and Family Guy. JD wore an adult onesie, and Peter Griffin had to have one.

Our funzees are fun, versatile, and practical which is why they have become so popular. In fact, we have heard of college students who wear their adult onesie all day.

Pajama fashion has been a big trend for 2014 and there has been a worldwide adult onesie craze. Onesies for adults have become fashionable; really you see them on the catwalk! Believe it or not, even some celebrities wear these one-piece pajamas out in public. So, why not try an adult onesie and join the Hollywood set?

See our Funzee Adult One-piece Range or go to Buy Now to choose your onesie today!

About our Onesie Pajamas for Adults

Our adult onesie pajamas are made from 100% soft jersey cotton or warm polar fleece that make them comfortable, cozy, and great for just lounging around in. They also come in a wide range of different designs that you can find on our Funzee Range page, so there is a funzee to fit every personality. All of these fun adult onesies are designed in Great Britain, but are shipped to you fast by USPS Priority Mail from our warehouse in New York State.

Our one piece full body pajamas come in a full adult size range, with the option of also being footie pajamas or not. Learn how to choose the best one piece pajamas for you. While we do have adult footed onesies available, our experience is that footie pajamas are better for babies because they don’t walk around. As adults, the feet on footie pajamas can get dirty, sweaty, smelly, and often develop holes. Which is why we actually specialize in footless pajamas that go great with our comfy house socks. Our socks are treated with an anti-bacterial finish, have non-slip soles, and can be washed as often as you like. If they get damaged you can just put on a new pair, instead of having to replace footie pajamas.

To choose the perfect onesie for you, have a look at our current Funzee Range. These are our styles of adult one-piece pajamas that are currently available in the USA. We have a cool wizard onesie, polar onesies, festive onesies, and even full body spandex suits to complete your lounge wear wardrobe. Whatever the party or occasion we have a suitable funzee and they make great fun yet practical gifts. We are also constantly introducing new styles so look at Coming Soon and give us your idea for new funzees.

For fun’s sake ….get a funzee!

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